Equipment belonging to the radio station were destroyed during the attack.

The Management of Radio Ada has revealed that in the havoc that ensued during the attack on the radio station by 8 marauding men, two of their staff and visitors to the station were kept hostage.

The armed assailants had pounced on the station at about 11:30 am on Thursday January 13, forced themselves through the doorway and assaulted staff members and visitors present.

The Head of Programmes and External Communications at Radio Ada Julius Odoi, who confirmed the incident, said “The presenter in the studio shut the door when he realised that the thugs were on their way in, but they forced their way and started slapping him.”

They then proceeded to vandalise the office space; destroying the on-air studio equipment and furniture while keeping hostages at gun point.

According to Management, the attack has been reported to the Big Ada police for further investigation to be carried out.

The incident has also been reported to the National Media Commission.

Meanwhile, the presenter who was assaulted has since been sent to the Ada East District Hospital for treatment.

The Management further mentioned that in the wake of the attack, the radio station will be shut down for a few days, starting Friday January 14, to enable it review and repair the damage caused.

“This announcement is being made to ensure that the facts of the attack are reported accurately and timeously. This announcement, interspersed with music, will be the only broadcast that Radio Ada will be making today,” the station stated.

Management of Radio Ada stated that it remains unfazed by the attack and will continue “to inform and to give voice to the Dangme community, particularly those least heard.”

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