Veteran Disc Jockey, Rev. Azigiza Jnr has said a broadcaster with the ability to man a console does not necessarily qualify as a DJ.

According to the DJ turned Pastor, the art of Djing requires a special skill that a broadcaster or presenter does not have.

He told Daniella Adu Asare on the Hitz News @ 1 that, ‘if you can man the console, and you can speak into the microphone, it does not make you a DJ. You can be a broadcaster but not a Disc Jockey!”.

Recounting an incident years ago when he was offered a job as a presenter on Joy 99.7 FM, he said he told his employers, he was a skilled DJ and not a broadcaster.

According to him, this compelled the station to train him as a broadcaster as well.

Rev Azigiza Jnr said Djing and presenting a music programme on radio, ‘they are two different things, although they look the same”.

He, however, admitted that there are broadcasters who are disc jockeys and disc jockeys that double as broadcasters.

Rev Azigiza Jnr also suggests that in order for the craft to recognized as a united body, "we also need a DJs union…a body sort of where we speak together, there’s one word, one language, and it’s recognized as an institution".

Rev Azigiza Jnr is currently promoting his new book titled ‘And so what?’. Subtitled ‘God can use you regardless of your past.’

The book discusses themes of hope, encouragement and personal branding in accordance with the bible.