Some pupils of the Namoo Primary ‘A’ School in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region, are likely not to return to their classrooms when basic schools resume from vacation on Monday, September 6, 2021.

This is because a heavy rainstorm has ripped-up the roof of a four-classroom block. About 150 children would be adversely affected.

When the Ghana News Agency visited the scene, it was observed that the woods were badly damaged by termites, exposing the nails.

Mr Anthony Abane Azangeo, the Headmaster of the School, told GNA that the block housed basic one, four, five, and six pupils and noted that if the situation is not fixed, those pupils would not be able to return to school.

He said already, the school is facing furniture deficit, as a result of which most of the pupils were sitting and lying on the bare floor to learn and write, adding that the rainstorm has compounded the problem.

“When you look at the classroom block, you will realize that all the woods are damaged, the nails are only hanging there and not holding the roofing sheets to the woods and my fear is that when there is another rainstorm, the roof of other blocks is likely to be ripped-up,” he lamented.

Mr Azangeo noted that he has had a meeting with the School Management Committee and the Parent-Teacher Association of the school, to quicken the process of solving the problem. He has also written to the Bongo District Assembly and the Ghana Education Service.

The Headmaster, therefore, appealed to all stakeholders, including the Bongo District Assembly and Education Directorate, Non-Governmental Organizations, philanthropists, and other benevolent individuals to come to the aid of the school.

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