Our attention has been drawn to a deliberate attempt by the ‘Ghanaian Lens’ newspaper and other mischievous elements to misrepresent a press statement issued by this office on April 14 warning persons who are going around misinforming the electorate on matters concerning President and Mrs. Rawlings.

The Ghanaian Lens publication of Tuesday, April 19, 2011 reported that President Rawlings had by the said statement distanced himself from ‘Friends of Nana Konadu’ popularly known as FONKAR.

Other commentators on radio and television have sought to repeat the same twist. Unless the author of the story and the editor of the Ghanaian Lens have reading problems, we have difficulty determining how they could insinuate that the statement had anything to do with FONKAR.

This office knows FONKAR as a voluntary group that has been calling on Nana Konadu to contest for the presidential slot of the NDC. We are not aware of FONKAR going around in the name of President Rawlings spreading falsehood such us those spewed by the Lens of Tuesday April 19.

Our statement was in reference to those who by virtue of their previous association with the former President go about telling unsuspecting delegates of the party lies, including the fact that President Rawlings has a negative view of a Nana Konadu presidential candidature.

We once again take this opportunity to caution the likes of Alfred Woyome and Augustus Kweku Eshun to desist from dropping the name of President Rawlings as they go about misinforming the electorate about their political choices.

Our office is open to any questions arising out of our press statements. We will not countenance the actions of persons who choose to deliberately skew our statements in a bid to score points with their political sponsors.

Source: jjrawlings.wordpress.com


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