The rebranding of mobile operator, Zain, by its new owners Bharti Airtel is likely to happen before the end of this month.

Official communication picked up by Joy Business suggests 22nd November has been proposed as the launch date.

The rebranding is expected to complete the takeover of Zain’s Africa operations by the Indian telecoms giant Bharti Airtel.

Joy Business has also learnt that the new owners are planning to introduce innovations and products that will challenge some industry practices.

Bharti’s Anglophone Africa Chief Executive, Jayant Khosla earlier this year told journalist what subscribers of the network should expect.

He said the brand launch will not be simply about advertising but about “delivering customer delight, delivering a customer experience in which our customers become our brand ambassadors.”

He said when the company fully takes charge of Zain, the network coverage it will provide will be superior to any that exists in the country.

Source: Joy Business/Ghana