The Africa Christ for All Nations (CFAN) has launched the Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade in Tamale which is scheduled for 26-29 January 2017.

The crusade is divinely expected to bring salvation, healing, deliverance and spiritual peace for the progress of Tamale Metropolis.

The Crusade is being organised by Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade in collaboration with denominational churches and all Christian bodies in the Tamale Metropolis.

Speaking at the launch of the crusade in Tamale, the Executive Director of African Christ for All Nations (CFAN) Reverend John Darku said the salvation of souls will bring great socio-cultural transformation to Ghanaians and further cultivate a productive mindset for the development of the nation.

He said the crusade is to help reduce evil and crime cases, revive churches and ensure the transformation of communities in the region.

Reverend Darku noted that the crusade would bring together dignitaries from all over the world including investments, something he said will help boost the economy of the country.

Reverend Darku said the crusade will mobilize 50,000 Christian workers from all participating churches to serve some 20 communities.

Similar crusade was held in Accra, Kumasi, Tema / Ashaiman, Sunyani and other part of Asia and South America. 

He commended president John Mahama for the kind diplomatic, courageous and love he exhibited even before he lost the election.

Rev Darku also commended the president elect Nana Addo and the Electoral Commission chairperson Charlotte Osei for a peaceful election.

He called on all men of God to continue to pray for peace in the country.   


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