The volunteers carrying Hagar on the wooden door

It was a worrying moment when a video of a woman in labour being carried on a wooden door went viral.

Hagar Gyamfi was seen in the video being carried on the ‘wooden door ambulance’ from Abrokyire, a farming community in the Aowin Municipality of the Western North region to a nearby clinic at Boinson.

A subsequent visit by Adom News to the community, which is about six miles from the health centre, to gather details of the fretting situation revealed that roads in the area and the entire environment are not conducive for human habitation.

In the particular case of Hagar, it was discovered that residents volunteered to carry her to the clinic, as there was no vehicle to transport her. Taxis could only be accessed miles away. The distance between the community and the nearby health clinic was also far, not to mention the bad road network.

In an interview, Hagar Gyamfi recounted how pain resulting from the contractions rendered her immobile, leaving her with no option other than to accept the offer by the volunteers to carry her on the wooden door.

Hagar’s husband also narrated how every passing second of the journey was a nightmare.

He said his worse fear was the thought of losing both wife and unborn child. Thankfully, they both survived.

“My own may have survived but that might not be the case of another person. So I will only make a humble plea to government and leaders to fix our roads,” he said.

Despite the community’s name suggesting that they live ‘abroad’, in comfort, the residents claim that their conditions are not comfortable at all.

He disclosed that it is a norm for residents to transport patients on wooden doors or tied to motorbikes to health facilities.

Aside from the heavyweight of patients, volunteers have to deal with the long-distance as well as the dangers of crossing River Boin. A situation that often results in the patients dying en route to the health facility.

Some beneficiaries of the ‘wooden door ambulance’, who spoke on condition of anonymity to Adom News stated that they lived in constant fear of losing their lives along the way, adding they will forever be indebted to the volunteers.

Consequently, Abrokyire residents are pleading with the government to focus some attention on their municipality and improve their living conditions.

Meanwhile, Hagar successfully gave birth to a bouncy baby boy and has since been discharged from the health facility.