Armed robbery incidents at Amanfrom in the Ga South Municipality have now become almost a daily affair.

Armed with guns and machetes, robbers have repeatedly stormed the community to steal money and property.

In the process, they have either shot or inflicted victims with machete wounds.

There have been at least six such incidents over the past three months, which have left more than 15 persons injured.

In the latest incident at dawn on Monday, three persons were left with machete wounds. This is coming on the heels of last week’s visit by Regional Police Commander DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohonu to the area to re-assure residents that the security situation is under control.

Accra Regional Police PRO ASP Afia Tengey says they are investigating the case.

Joy News has also learnt that three persons have been picked up in connection with today’s robbery incident to help investigations.

Chairman of the landlords association David Nyameku tells Joy News they will demonstrate next week to demand increased police protection.

“Our lives are at stake at the moment, our wives and children cannot wake up again from bed.”

He accused the Member of Parliament and District Chief Executive of neglect. The authorities have failed to ensure that residents are safe in the area so “we have to organise ourselves and demonstrate to whoever is in authority because we are afraid”.

He said the police are slow in responding to the distress calls of the residents, adding that they always arrive late when called to duty.

MP for the area Bright Kwadwo Demordzi says he is very worried about the situation in the area.

He says he has personally contacted the police about the situation and the construction of a police post is currently underway in the area.

Although the lack of funds has slowed the pace of work, a temporary structure will be constructed for the police while the main post is being completed.

According to the MP the bad nature of the road has accounted for the inability of the police to reach the residents on time but the urban roads department has been informed and the roads will be fixed soon.

Mr Demordzi said it was wrong for the residents to create the impression that nothing is being done about the situation because until his constituents are safe he would not rest on his oars.