President Kufuor has charged the Ga Traditional Council to peacefully resolve all disputes over the enstoolment of a new Ga Mantse.

The president said it is his wish that there will be peace and harmony in the Ga State ahead of the coronation of the new Ga Mantse.

President Kufuor gave the advice when a delegation of the Traditional Council called on him to officially invite him to the coronation of Nii Tachie Tawiah III, as the new Ga Mantse, on Saturday, April 14.

President Kufuor told the delegation that he has been made aware of a matter before the Regional House of Chiefs with regard to the Ga Stool.

He said he wants to know how the Council intends to solve the problem so that all sides would be at peace to welcome the new Ga Mantse.

The Dzaasetse, who are the Kingmakers of the Ga Stool, have distanced themselves from the installation of Nii Tachie Tawiah, known in private life as Dr Jo Blankson and have mounted a legal challenge of the legitimacy of his installation.

President Kufuor said he is not seeking to question the decision of the Council, regarding custom and substance of the selection but concerned about the legalities.

He said once a matter was before the Judicial Authority, all are enjoined to observe the due process of the law.

According to the President, all impediments must be removed before he could join the Ga Traditional Council with the authority of the State to share in the joy of the enthronement.

Nii Ababio assured the President that the Council would do everything possible to settle the legal wrangling before the date set for the coronation.

He said the nomination and subsequent installation of Nii Tackie Tawiah, who is a grandson of King Tachie Tawiah was properly done and with due regard to the Ga customs.

The delegation also conveyed their gratitude to President Kufuor for his support during the funeral of the former Ga Mantse, Nii Amugi.

Source: GNA


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