The African Principal of Living Faith Bible College is calling for state intervention to inject sanity into priesthood.

Apostle Peter Wilson says proper regulation of training and work of pastors would help address rising acts of misconduct by men of God.

He says government can collaborate with the Christian Council and other religious groups to develop a blue print to standardize pastoral education.

There have been several negative publications about reverend ministers in recent times with some engaging in scandalous activities leading to imprisonment.

Apostle Wilson was speaking at a graduation for 25 newly-trained ministers at the Kumasi branch of the college.

Recent media reports suggest some reverend ministers engage in scandalous activities leading to imprisonment.

Apostle Wilson blames the situation on lack of requisite training and supervision of people who profess to be working for God.

He says a non-partisan approach is needed to reverse the trend and Ghanaians from charlatans and indisciplined ministers.

However, some ministers have disagreed with the state involvement in the matter.

Administrative Assistant to the Bishop of the Mid-Ghana Conference of the AME Zion Church Reverend Seth Frimpong Coleman is one of them.

He says such a move will amount to breach of freedom of religion as enshrined in Ghana’s Constitution.

Rev. Frimpong Coleman is of the view the state has no business in regulating activities of reverend ministers.