The Volta Regional Director of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Ivy Mawufemor Amewugah has reiterated the need for the department of town council under local government to be revived in order to ensure a well and better clean Ghana.

After a clean-up exercise organized by her outfit, Ms Amewugah made the comments in collaboration with the 66 artillery regiment, other security agencies, and the Ho Municipal assembly.

She recounted the once vibrant town council workers who always made sure that every area was clean and tidy and that people who couldn’t help keep their areas clean were charged.

“In those days, the council was very vibrant. You could see the workers in people’s houses, markets areas and workplaces just to ensure that the environment was clean but now we don’t see that anymore,” Ivy said.

Revive town council for a better, clean environment - Volta Region NADMO boss to authorities
Volta Regional Director of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Ivy Mawufemor Amewugah

The Director remembered how vibrant the town councilors were and the enthusiasm of residents to ensure a clean environment and said, the town council should be reconsidered.

Ivy, however, encouraged the environmental health unit to do more in this regard and also to government to help revive the town council department 

She noted that it is necessary to have the council unit well revived to help the environmental health team and other health agencies to have a well and healthy environment.

She said the Volta regional NADMO will always help to make sure that Volta Region remains the cleanest Region in the country.

Pascal Agbagba of the Regional NADMO office urged residents along the road especially those around the drains should stop dumping refuse upstream resulting in chocked gutters and preventing the free flow of water in those areas.

Pascal Agbagba commended Zoomlion Waste Management Company for helping with their bins for the exercise.

He said it was necessary to keep the environment clean to avoid flooding as a result of choked gutters.

Commanding Officer of the 66 artillery regiment  Lt. Col. Edward Sarpong Appiah whose outfit took part in the exercise admonished residents to be law-abiding and always keep their environment clean to avoid flooding during the rainy season.

In early 2000 in Ghana, town council service was vibrant when officers from the department move from household to household to inspect if residents keep their surroundings clean and healthy and defaulters were been fined or prosecuted.