We are a very confused people. What room has organised religion in schools.

A good moral education coupled with civics are what our children need.

It’s education that teaches that it is not only wrong to steal it is a national abomination which is severely punishable.

As opposed to, stealing is a sin but if we confess, we’re forgiven.

Are you surprised at the level of corruption engulfing us?

Public schools have no business promoting Catholicism, Methodism, Presbyterianism.

The State must produce good citizens. Parents have the responsibility to lead their children to Christ, Muhammad Budha, Confucius etc.

In a republic and in a secular nation, informed and competent leadership will stop the confusion in our schools.

Wait till we (NCPP) come to power in 2024.

Free education will only happen in Community Public schools.

All former Mission schools will go back to their owners to run as private fee paying schools.

They will run the public curriculum but will be free to indulge in their religious activities.

Students who fail in moral education and civics will not progress to the next level in the education ladder.

Let me pause here.

Our manifesto which covers only, Education, Agriculture and Health will be out soon.

Watch out all thieves hiding behind religion to derail our progress to development.

Your end is near.


The author, Roland Ross Ewool Snr, is a born again Christian fundamentalist