Marriage doesn’t mean the end of romance. Knowing your partner well and being comfortable in your relationship can help you open up more about your feelings. Jobs, family and social commitments, and the demands of everyday life make it easy to let the little things slide. Take a few moments each day to add a little romance to your life–this can help you stay connected to your partner.

Leave notes

Love letters are nice, but even a note to say “I love you” on the steering wheel of her car or a lipstick kiss on a sticky note left in his lunchbox can bring a smile and thoughts of the one who left the note. Write a compliment or comment on his bathroom mirror with lipstick. Hide notes in unexpected places. For instance, tape a note to the inside of a kitchen cabinet.

Share interests

In “A Little Book of Romance,” author Debra White Smith interviewed couples about how they kept the romance alive in their marriages. Among the suggestions was the idea of showing an interest in what interests your mate. If your husband loves to fish, offer to go with him one weekend. If your wife enjoys antiques, volunteer to escort her to a local antique fair. Approach this activity as a chance to see a different side of your partner.

Ask questions

Conversation can bring people closer. When you were dating, you probably spent plenty of time talking about yourselves, but chances are conversations now tend to focus on work or children. One way to rekindle that earlier intimacy is to ask questions. White Smith suggests asking your partner a single question, such as “What is your secret ambition?” or “What is your first memory?” Use the answer as a springboard to reveal your own answer to the question.

Learn new skills

Take a dance class, cooking class or foreign language course with your spouse. Not only will you spend time together in class, you also get to work on your homework together. Exploring a new skill with your mate will help you develop a mutual interest.

Don’t guess

Ohio State University Extension suggests that, instead of expecting your partner to guess what you’d find romantic, tell him. For example, the extension supplies a questionnaire for couples to complete and exchange answers. The survey covers such areas as a person’s thoughts on romance, what he likes best about his partner and his favorite activities. Take a questionnaire for couples and keep your partner’s answers on the visor of your car or inside your purse. Surprise your mate with an item inspired by the list from time to time.