Not many people would appreciate a kick to the face from an opponent, let alone offer to shake their hand afterwards… unless that opponent is Ronaldinho, of course. 

During a clash between Mexico's Queretaro and Club America in the Liga MX on Friday night – which Queretaro won 3-2 – Jesus Molina was left seeing stars; but it wasn't because he was in awe of the Brazilian World Cup winning hero.

Half-way through the first half, Molina and the former Barcelona and AC Milan midfielder challenged for a high ball.

Rather than using his head, Ronaldinho went in high with his boot, leathering the poor Club America player in the face  

Interestingly enough Molina offered a truce with the culprit, who was not punished for his offence. 

Although the Samba star wasn't on the scoresheet that night, his side were victorious with an injury time winner.