A disagreement between Presidential staffer Sam George and Joy News Investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni over whether government has retrieved all public funds illegally paid to the AGAMS Group in the GYEEDA scandal was escalated to a banter on Joy FM's Super Morning Show.

Sam George had claimed on Newsfile Saturday, AGAMS group composed of subsidiaries like Rlg, Asongtaba and CraftPro, had paid ‘every dime’ owed the state.

"Every money RLG owed the government of Ghana has been recovered. The only subsidiary of [the AGAMS Group] that is still owing government is Craftspro. But RLG has paid, Asongtaba has cleared its indebtedness and so this is a government that is not just speaking, but is walking its talk."

Treating his announcement with caution, Manasseh Azure replied on facebook, the staffer may be correct if he was referring to only interest-free loans.

More than 48 hours after Sam George’s claim, Manasseh Azure whose investigations unearthed the scandal at GYEEDA has found out there is more to be collected.

Sam George banter with Manasseh Azure on illegal GYEEDA monies

Government has only retrieved some 50 million cedis in loans it illegally paid to AGAMS group but has not collected money paid for work not done or partially done.

“It is in accurate to say they have finished paying everything there is to pay” Manasseh Azure stated on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Tuesday.

But Sam George insisted his comments have been misunderstood. The presidential staffer had earlier responded to Manasseh Azure's doubt.

Sam George banter with Manasseh Azure on illegal GYEEDA monies


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