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Samuel Makafui Agbagbah: A letter to Modestus Eloame Zame

Good morning, boss.

How are you doing, please?
I hope the angels are taking good care of you.
But wait, is it true that heaven is full of gold and songs of praise?
Anyway, I want to have a long conversation with you, please.

Boss, today marks one week since your passing.
I have been waiting patiently to hear that this was a mistaken identity, but it looks like this is the new reality we have to live with for the rest of our lives.

Boss, putting thoughts together is very difficult for me. I haven’t been myself since you left; I can’t even cry.

I don’t know if I am sad or broken because this can’t happen to you.
I have just been acting all strong, but I am broken inside.

So, tell me, boss, is it true that good people die young?

Hmmmm, wherever you are right now, please grant us some strength because you left us unprepared for this shock. "Nahw3 tie ooo," as I call you.
Why didn’t you tell us you will be taking an early exit so we beg God to keep you here for us?

Modest, you were a good man!
Thank you for all the opportunities, training, care, and guidance.

You asked me to go back to school and go into big national event photography so I could get international clients and chop some good dollars (little did I know you wanted to hand over your international contacts to me).

I still remember that very day when you asked me to go back home because I was 10 minutes late.
Today, let me tell you that I was hurt, but later I understood you very well.

Boss, do you remember the day you told me in the face that I am not one of your favourite cameramen and I am not serious?
That encounter broke me, and I wanted to resign, but two weeks later, you gave me another international travel opportunity.

On that trip, I asked myself, "Why would this man say this to me weeks ago and put me on a big project like this?"
You were a disciplinarian.

Little did I know you saw the light in me and only wanted to push me so you could get the best out of me.
You had your own way of grinding the best out of us without our knowing it.

Boss, do you remember that in January of 2019 you made this statement to me after four years of my missing out on various international trips?
"It's not that the current Black Stars players are the very best we have, but those players prepared for opportunities and grabbed them when they came." This changed my thoughts.

Modest, you gave me all the opportunities a boss could give to raw talent.
You had a nice way of assigning us to big roles so we could all stand in for you anytime and anywhere.

The very last one was when you asked me to represent you in the just-ended Kwahu planning and meetings.
I am glad I didn’t disappoint you.

But Modest wait, we are not done.
You missed my wedding because you were on international duty covering AFCON 2022 in Cameroon, but your presence was still felt financially and through your planning behind the scenes. But here we are today, and you will miss my son’s naming too?

Modest I thought you were proud of the man I have become, so why are you not available anytime I have to celebrate something big happening in my life?

Who will we run to anytime we need help?
Who will cover us?
Who will give us opportunities and still be happy for our personal growth and not be envious of us?

Who will say it to our face as it should be without any hate behind it?
Who will push us to do better in life?

Modest, you were too cool.
So who will support any German team that plays now erhhh, last night, and we are still waiting for your post on the page. We want to tease you cos German machine 'nu at) nsuom.'

What happens to your US trip and Eli, your son, should we assist so he gets admission at PRESEC LEGON OR ACHIMOTA as you always wanted?

Arhhhhh, Modest, you didn’t try for us.
You are always hiding from the cameras. I didn’t give you this photo to be used for an obituary; no, that wasn't the purpose.
Come and have a look at the office. Everyone is broken. I have seen all the strong guys break down like babies.

Boss, we can’t even make Lipton in the office again! We can’t talk about plantains again.

How do we refer to you as "late"?

Boss, please take good care of yourself. I have to take leave of you now.
Tell the angels you are one of them so they should treat you well till we meet in paradise some day .

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Samuel Makafui Agbagbah
The rest of the year looks beautiful.

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.