Rapper Sarkodie has taken to twitter to criticise the attitude of Africa and its leaders.

The award-winning artist among others argued that Africa may need to abandon Democracy and take up dictatorship as a mode of governance if the continent is to make any progress in its development.

“What we need at this point might seem like dictatorship and will feel uncomfortable since we have enjoyed temporal freedom for a minute but we need drastic measures to survive,” he wrote.

The two-time artist of the year also wants African leaders to stop taking orders from foreign powers. “It will never be in our favour,” he said.

He argued also that, if care is not taken, the Western powers may return to dominate sectors like the music industry, controlling the revenue in that sector.

“Lemme predict what’s gonna happen: they will come in with money to buy our rights again and build their labels here … sign 90% of us and control the revenue… And our survival instincts might not help with the best decisions,” he said.

He wants Africans to work together and not allow themselves to be brainwashed from the West, something he describes as a virus. 

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