GES Head Public Relations, Cassandra Twum Ampofo

Parents are advised that Senior High School authorities nationwide would not be held accountable for the health condition of their wards should they grant their children permission to fast.

This follows a directive by the Ghana Education Service (GES) informing all schools in the country to permit students to fast, especially Muslim students during the Ramadan period.

However, GES in its press statement noted that parents are first and foremost to write to the respective school for permission while relinquishing it of any responsibility should the said student face health complication as a result.

“The Ghana Education Service, therefore, directs authorities of Wesley Girls High School as well as any other school to allow any such student who wishes to fast for any religious reason to do so.”

“The parents of such student are also directed to write to the school indicating that the school shall not be held liable for any health condition of the student as a result of the fast. Staff, students and the general public are to take note.”

The directive signed by the head of Public Relations Unit at GES, Cassandra Twum Ampofo, follows an accusation levelled against Wesley Girls SHS that management was preventing a Muslim student and others from fasting on the basis that they may suffer health issues should they fast and undertake their duties and responsibilities in school.

However, after calls for Wesley Girls to rescind its decision by some members of the general public, the Ghana Education Service has directed the Cape Coast-based school and all others to permit students to fast on condition that management is relieved of any complication that may arise as a result.