Joy News reporter Seth Kwame Boateng has been inducted into the Ghana leadership hall of fame after winning four categories of the Ghana Leadership Awards.

The award seeks to celebrate and recognise the most outstanding and exemplary leadership that positively impacts the development of Ghana and Africa.

Leader of the group Rev. Professor Emmanuel Nash says Seth Kwame Boateng has proven himself and deserves the recognition.

“Looking at what Joy FM and Seth Kwame Boateng has done and is still doing, we say what else can we do for him to let others learn?” he said.

Kwame Boateng-Leadership Award

Rev Prof. Nash added that this is also a way to motivate him to impact young and upcoming journalists to practice the right kind of journalism instead of the now prevalent pocket type of journalism.

Kwame Boateng-Leadership Award

Winning awards for the Best Journalist of the Year, best leadership initiative of the year, Outstanding community service of the year, Leadership hall of fame categories, Seth Kwame Boateng revealed that his achievements have been possible because of a team of competent people that supports him in his work.

Kwame Boateng-Leadership Award 

“My boss here will have to give me direction…I work with cameramen, and drivers and editors, it’s teamwork,” Seth stated.