Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei-Mensah

Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa has said that the Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr. Simon Osei-Mensah lacks emotional intelligence to superintend the region.

Mr. Bonaa explained that Mr. Simon Osei-Mensah’s decision to request military deployment during the Ejura protest makes him unfit for such a huge responsibility.

“What the Regional Minister has done, he is not fit. He doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to superintend over a big region such as the Ashanti Region,” he said.

Speaking to Israel Laryea on JoyNews Prime, Tuesday, the security analyst said Mr. Osei-Mensah should have discussed with the Defence Minister to assess the level of risk before deciding on involving military personnel.

“If he said (Osei-Mensah) he was in Accra, the Defence Minister was also in Accra and he could have spoken to the Defence Minister so they rally themselves around. How long could it take to discuss these things and assess the level of risk and say that let’s send them in.”

He argued that soldiers must be allowed to protect Ghana’s territorial sovereignty rather than deploying them for internal security issues.

Mr. Bonaa’s comments were in reaction to the admission by Mr Osei-Mensah that he ordered the deployment of the Military personnel to quell the riotous situation in Ejura, when the latter appeared before the Ministerial Committee probing the violence at Ejura Sekyedumase on June, 29.

Two persons were killed and four others sustained life-threatening injuries during the protest by the youth, which was disrupted by security operatives.

The protesters were protesting the killing of Ibrahim “Kaaka” Mohammed, a social activist and member of the #FixTheCountry movement, who was beaten to death by then unidentified assailants. Three suspects have since been arrested in connection with this incident.

Mr. Adam Bonaa recalled that it was under the same Regional Minister in 2018 that a Police patrol team shot and killed seven Asawase residents they claimed, were armed robbers, who exchanged fire with the security personnel.

But a seven-member committee set up to investigate the matter, controverted the assertions.

Mr. Bonaa was hopeful that the recommendations by the Justice George Kingsley Koomson chaired Committee, will be implemented.

“I have expectations that the Committee’s recommendations will and should be implemented. That is the only way probably, we can have some closure to at least one of the many chaotic situations that we find ourselves that led to innocent people dying in the hands of those we buy guns, bullets, uniform expecting them to protect us,” he said.

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