Claudia Lumor. Photo Credit: Prempixel on Instagram.

Founder of Glitz Africa, Claudia Lumor, has cautioned the youth to tread cautiously when it comes to their use of social media.

According to the UN Ambassador, social media is a very powerful tool that can make and unmake an individual’s reputation and personality.

Madam Lumor also noted that companies in recent times use the content of applicants on social media to inform their decision to employ or otherwise.

She noted that once they notice that what your stand for doesn’t represent their brand, they might drop you even when you have the best profile or CV fit for the job or position.

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“Before they see your CV every business does this. I do casting for big corporations, for the UN, and everywhere.

“As soon as we see your profile, the first place we go is your social media. So what am I going to see when I go to your page? If you say you want to impact women.

“If you say you want to do this business. When I go there [social media], what I see on your CV should match that,” she said on Wednesday.

The Businesswoman, thus, urged the participants of The Sisterhood Women Empowerment Programme to it to their advantage instead of sharing unnecessary content.

“I don’t want to see somebody dipping and dapping when you telling me you want to be my Accountant. That is the world we are in, so you need to make sure that you use social media to your advantage.

“It is very powerful but use it to your advantage, use it to strengthen what you want to do,” she noted.