Former deputy speaker of parliament has said he has for long haboured the intentions of leaving the Conventions Peoples Party (CPP).

Mr. Blay who until December 2008 was the CPP parliamentary candidate for the Ellembele Constituency in the Western Region says he is now a card bearing member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) because he feels more comfortable with the party.

He accused some leaders within the CPP of flirting with the NDC.

Mr. Blay told Joy News’ Cyrus De-graft Johnson some elements in the CPP have consistently worked against him.

“…the party itself has been always against me… I don’t understand because they thought you could be Hercules, carrying the party on your shoulders and then pursuing some kind of policy which may be at complete variance with your own convictions,” he lamented.

He said his party officials wanted him whiles he served as an MP to align himself with the NDC, stressing that “by conviction I was totally against NDC, by conviction I didn’t see eye to eye with the [NDC].”

He said there are still some leaders within the CPP who have some soft spot for the ruling party.

Meanwhile the CPP Chairman, Lady Nylander has revealed that he suspected Mr. Blay was going to leave the party for the NPP.

He added “I think that yes, he was good for the CPP whiles he was there, he served his time. The time has come for him and he feels that he must move on and we can only wish him well.”

He however went on to deny claims that some CPP stalwarts are in bed with the NDC describing it as unfortunate. “I don’t know of any people within our party who are entertaining clandestine relationships with other parties. That will not be acceptable [and] if I find that out, that person is not going to be there; that is for sure,” Mr. Nylander assured.

Source: Joy News/