Blakk Rasta, a reggae artiste, has recounted how certain Members of Parliament treated him when he went to meet with members of the Privileges Committee.

He disclosed that some of them behaved like “infants” and demanded that they apologise to him for the bad treatment.

Blakk Rasta told Roselyn Felli on the Prime Morning Show that he went to Parliament to clarify his statement on the need to legalise ‘marijuana’ but the legislators made it look like he was dragged there for them to disgrace him.

“Parliament should apologise to me, of course yes, you brought me there and wanted to embarrass me. You should have been in Parliament to see what was happening, when I was passing, some Minister stretched his leg and said where are you going? They were doing all that, they were as infants. Some of them,” he told the host.

It would be recalled that, in 2015, Blakk Rasta accused Members of Parliament of smoking marijuana on Hitz FM and was subsequently invited to appear before the Privileges Committee to substantiate the comments.

According to him, about 80 per cent of MP’s smoke the illegal substance and wanted the lawmakers to legalise the use of marijuana.

Touching on the previous comment, he added that he just called on the House to legalise the substance since that is the law-making body. He insisted that the substance should be legalised, adding that it is not because of his personal interest.

“I don’t smoke! Parliament invited me that I said 80% of them smoke marijuana. The content of the whole thing was that marijuana should be legalised, please let it happen because you guys are those making the law,” he reiterated.