President Akufo-Addo has charged Members of Parliament to look beyond their political party affiliations and work together as a team in the interest of Ghanaians.

The discharge of the duty of the legislators, according to Akufo-Addo, must be towards the rapid transformation of the economy and the improvement of the living standards of the citizenry.

“The realisation of the Ghana Project, and not the attainment of narrow partisan interests, must be the guiding principle of the business to be conducted in the House”.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces further revealed that a united front from the 2 caucuses is a necessity in building a peaceful state.

“This is what the Ghanaian people demand from us by insisting on virtual parity in the House between the two major parties of our country.”

Delivering his maiden State of the Nation Address for his second term, Akufo-Addo also commended the Lawmakers on their enormous role in vetting his ministerial nominees.

According to him, “the expeditious and thorough manner in which my Ministers were scrutinised by the Appointments Committee, and the approval by the full House of each of the twenty-nine (29) substantive Ministers, for me, was an indication of the collective determination of both sides of the House, with mutual regard for each other, to work together for the good of the country”.

President Akufo-Addo also pledged that the Executive would work in tandem with the Legislative arm of government to fulfil this aim.

“As President of the Republic, I give my firm commitment to this end, and I assure Mr Speaker and the Legislature of the co-operation of the Executive in this endeavour.

“As I indicated in my acceptance speech on the night of 9th December 2020, now is the time for each and every one of us, irrespective of our political affiliations, to unite, join hands, stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and work hard to place Ghana where she deserves to be,” he stated emphatically.