The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin has referred a complaint of contempt of Parliament against two police officers filed by the Madina MP, Francis Xavier Sosu, to the Privileges Committee.

Mr Xavier Sosu on Monday petitioned Alban Sumana Bagbin to cite ACP Isaac Kojo Asante, Regional Operations Commander and ACP Eric Winful of the Adenta/Abokobi Divisional Command for contempt of Parliament.

The Madina MP wants the Speaker to take action with respect to Article 117 of the 1992 Constitution and Order 28 of the Standing Orders of Parliament.

Addressing the House the Speaker said, “in the circumstances, I can only, under Order 31 of the Standing Orders, direct that the matter is referred to the committee of privileges.

“The Committee will investigate the complaint and will submit the report to the House for the full consideration of the matter.

“It is the House that will determine at the end of the day, whether the complaint and the report with whatever evidence gathered, really constitutes contempt,” he said.

On Monday October 25, 2021, Mr. Sosu together with some youth of Madina Constituency, went on a protest from Otinibi to Ayi-Mensah to demonstrate against poor road network in the area.

According to the MP, after he had addressed his constituents, the police demanded that he reported to the Regional Commander of Police for questioning.

He declined the invitation and indicated that he was to attend a parliamentary meeting in preparation for resumption of the House. 

However, the police officers attempted to forcefully apprehend him in the presence of his constituents, an act which he described as contempt of Parliament, upon which he wants the speaker to take action against the police officers.

Mr Alban Bagbin bemoaned reports of police personnel manhandling and treating Members of Parliament with gross disrespect.

“I receive complaints, I receive information about how Police Service, some personnel pursue members of the Parliament from both sides and I have on a number of occasions intervened to talk to the authorities and to draw their attention on the law even sometimes I have to call the Attorney General and Minister of Justice in this matter,” he said.

The speaker cautioned that his administration will not tolerate such acts of impunity.

“Apart from this, I myself have decided to come out with comprehensive statement on this matter and let people to know that Members of Parliament have some special rights because of the peculiar nature of the position, function and duties of Members of Parliament. It is not during my tenure that I will sit still, stare and allow those things to be flouted with impunity, it won’t happen,” he warned.

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