The Office of the Speaker of Parliament has debunked claims that he travelled to Dubai with a large entourage.

In a statement signed by his counsel, Kofi Amoatey said those claims against Alban Sumana Bagbin are false and designed to tarnish his hard-earned reputation.

According to the Counsel, the Speaker is travelling with only four members of his staff.

Mr Amoatey said the Speaker, being mindful of the country’s economic situation, opted to travel with a comparatively skeletal staff.

He said this was part of the Speaker’s desire to protect the public purse by being frugal and spending prudently.

“Indeed, the Speaker has on a number of occasions stated openly and continues to maintain his position for Members of Parliament to help safeguard the public purse and so has been mindful of same in all his dealings as Speaker,” he said.

Speaker travelled to Dubai with a skeletal staff - Counsel

He added, “The office of the Speaker wishes to assure the general citizenry of its commitment to protecting the public purse at all times. Parliament is also committed to seeking the best interest of the people they represent and will continue to always do so.”

Meanwhile, he explained that the Speaker is entitled to routine medical checkups, “just like officials of the Executive and Judiciary of government.”

“It is trite knowledge that most staff of some Ministries, Departments, and Agencies also have similar facilities at their disposals and continue to take advantage of such arrangements to their benefit.”

The Speaker’s Counsel has advised against the politicisation of the health issues of the Speaker and that of other office bearers, “as anybody could be taken ill at any time.”

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