Ranking Member on Parliament's Energy Committee, John Jinapor

The Minority in Parliament is demanding the removal of the Special Petroleum Taxes imposed on petroleum products from the 2022 budget.

This, according to the Ranking Member of the Mines and Energy Committee, John Jinapor, would provide some respite for Ghanaians suffering from the agonising high cost of fuel in recent times.

John Jinapor insisted that the increase in revenue from the country’s oil sector makes it untenable for government to maintain the taxes.

“For as the volume increases, your revenue increases because your revenue is the function of the volume and price, so volumes are increasing and the prices are also increasing, and yet you are breaking the necks of Ghanaians with such huge tax hikes.

Outlining many interventions to deal with recent hikes in fuel prices, the Yapei Kusawgu MP observed that the minority will use legitimate means to compel Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta to do the right thing.

“You will see that the economy is now witnessing a downward spiral despite the claim by the Akufo-Addo government that they have removed taxes from petroleum products since assuming office, the facts point to a complete opposite to these erroneous claims.”

“Let me provide you with incontrovertible facts to back my claim. From the records, the energy debt recovery levy has been increased by 20% by this government, the price stabilization and recovery levy has been increased by 40%, the UPPF has been increased by 164%, the BOST margin has been increased by 200 %, the fuel marking levy has been increased by 233%.

“This is the record of the Akufo-Addo, Bawumia government. Never in the history of this country have we witnessed such huge astronomical increments of levies and taxes. This is against the backdrop that volumes of petroleum products have increased by 35%,” he stressed.

He said the Minority in Parliament would not accept these increases in the 2022 budget reading.

“We want to serve a caution to the Finance Minister and this government that in the 2022 budget that we will not accept any increment in taxes, neither shall we accept any new taxes. On the contrary, what we expect is a reduction and abolishing of taxes to cushion the already impoverished Ghanaian who is going through excruciating poverty under this incompetent government,” he indicated.

He also cautioned the vice president Dr Bawumia against making false claims about the stability of the Ghanaian cedi.

“We also particularly wish to caution the Vice President of Ghana to refrain from making false and unwarranted claims about the Ghanaian cedis since that goes to affect the credibility of information emanating from his outfit,” he stated.

He added that the economic management team under the leadership of Dr Bawumia have lost it and must sit up.

“Indeed, he must be proactive and work with the Bank of Ghana to release forex when necessary.”

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