Spectators: Message from the Morning Man

We had a wonderful time in Kumasi last week, and learnt a lot while we were there. But for this morning’s message, I want to share with you something I learnt within minutes of returning to Accra.

We had literally just stepped off the plane and into the shuttle bus when a lady, who had been on the same flight, walked up to me and said, “I listen to your show every day. I never miss it”, she said with a big smile. “I wake up with your Message form the Morning Man, and f I’m still at home by the time Nutrition Line comes on, I know I’m going to be late for work. I listen to Big Stories in the car, and I know I need to be in the office by the time Uncle Ebo comes on”.

I was amazed. Not only did she know the show inside-out, she literally set her watch by it. She had placed her punctuality in our hands, and was depending on us to wake her up, get her out of the house, and to work on time. If we’re late, she’s late.

It occurred to me that there are probably many of you out there who are just like this young lady (her name is Emily Bonsu – you can look her up on Instagram @sisterafia), who use our show to determine whether or not they are on schedule. We may not have realised it, but just by being professional and being on time, we were providing a crucial service for many people.

So this morning, I’m wondering if you’ve ever asked yourself, who’s watching you? Who is setting their watch by your actions?

Who is watching the way you conduct yourself every day? The way you talk, the way you dress, the way you eat, the way you drive, the way you treat others, the way you handle problems – who is shaping their lives based on how you shape yours.

You see, most of the time, we don’t even realise or recognise the moment we become someone’s yardstick. It might be the day you opened the door for a lady to pass, or the time you allowed another car to slip in front of you in traffic, or the day you wore a particularly nice outfit, or the moment you picked the healthy option at the buffet. You never know which simple routine thing you have done which may have inspired an observer. But the moment that happens, you earn yourself a full-time spectator.

I’m sure many of us have role models. I’m sure we can rattle off every known fact about our role models – just like Emily could recite all the details of my show. We become intimate with every detail of their lives because we want to be like them. So I guess I’m asking; if someone were to examine every detail of your life, would they want to be like you?

My friends let us never take for granted the fact that someone is watching. Let us never forget that there is someone who thinks you are amazing and wants to be just like you. Let’s always be aware that no matter how mundane and routine our daily actions may be, there is someone who sets their watch by them.

It’s our duty to give them the best versions of us at all times. We cannot reward their silent admiration with disappointing behaviour. Let’s live our lives every day like we know someone is watching us, because guess what, someone probably is.

Someone somewhere thinks you’re awesome. Don’t burst their bubble.

My name is Kojo Yankson, and I thank you all for keeping me on my best behaviour. Keep listening, and keep watching.