The Chief of Staff and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani has urged Shapoorji Pallonji and Co. Limited of India, Ahapornji, the company building the Presidential Palace to speed up work on the project to ensure that it is finished on schedule.

Speaking after the Parliamentary Select Committee on Finance visited the site, Mr. Mpiani expressed satisfaction, saying: “I am happy with the work done so far and hopeful that you will work faster to ensure that we not only finish in time, but have a lasting edifice worth its name.”

The visit was prompted by a request by the Minority to know how the project was going and how much had been spent so far.
The Chief of Staff had earlier come to the House to state that the project was 69 per cent complete, having spent 24.7 million dollars.

Mr. S.K. Singh, Assistant General Manager of the Project was emphatic that the project would be completed in December.

The Palace houses the Presidential Offices, which would include the Offices of the President and Vice President, conference halls, banquet halls, waiting rooms, offices and a Presidential Villa, home to the President of Ghana.

The offices in the building would have 2,000 workers and a huge car park.

Mr Singh said the project on the 80 acre plot has a contract sum of 42.35 million dollars.

Source: GNA


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