Spiritualist Nana Adu Boafo says that out of the many artistes who consult him, Gospel artists form the majority.

“They [Gospel artists] are the ones who open up more as compared to the other genres; female Gospel artists or men Gospel artist will open up to you genuinely to tell you everything,” he told George Quaye, host of Showbiz A to Z in an interview.

Speaking on the purpose for which these artists consult him, Nana Adu Boafo stated that the reasons differ.

He explained: “Some approach me because they want to take revenge, some approach because they want you to destroy someone who appears as a threat to them and some can go as far as seducing you with a woman or something that will disgrace you,” he revealed.

He, however, added that there are other means by which some Gospel artistes counter their competitors and these included physical confrontations as well.