Nutterz Putterz have been crowned champions of the 2019 Caesars Court Minigolf Clubs League which ended last Sunday at Caesars Court, Ridge.

They collected 72 points which was enough for them to finish top of the league after 150 fixtures over five match days as they lifted the trophy.   

Nutterzz champions

Golden Putters club finished the second position with 61 points, while Kama, Power and Golden Putters clubs placed third, fourth, and fifth respectively.

Eric Nyarko, who led the dominance by Nutterz Putterz team, was rewarded with the league’s most holes in 1 award – 36 Holes while Kama Club Reuben Minko won the League’s lowest score award with 376 points.

Last Sunday,  the awards ceremony witnessed the presence of Deputy Director-General of National Sports Authority Saka Acquaye, who presented Nutterz Putterz Club with the trophy and commended Ghana Minigolf Federation for the achievements and milestones it has chalked since its inception four years ago.

The event also saw Elwils Minigolf club also being crowned as champions of world’s first-ever wheelchair GAWMA Minigolf League.

The 2019 GMF events calendar witnessed four Knock Out galas, two National Leagues, African minigolf cup of Nations (AMCON) and two appearances of Ghana internationally at the world Cup WAGM in Sweden and the world championships in China.

The GMF 2019 events calendar would be climaxed with the final Minigolf event of the season with Champion of Champions Knock Out Gala on  January 11 and 12 in 2020.

Meanwhile, GMF will take a three- month break to reorganize itself, hold AGM in February and launch its exclusive clubhouse for existing and new patrons to Register their GMF membership for season 2020. Executives of GMF have promised a competitive National, African and International Minigolf events in 2020.