The Paediatric Society of Ghana, in collaboration with the Psychiatry Department of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, has embarked on a public education exercise on Cerebral Palsy.

In commemoration of World Cerebral Palsy Day, staff of the Child Health Department of KATH and the Parents’ Support Group took to the streets to enlighten citizens on the neurological condition. 

They used the occasion to advise the public against stigmatization. 

Available data indicates three out of every 1,000 persons globally live with conditions of cerebral palsy. 

Africa forms a majority of the demographic, with 80 out of every 1,000 Africans living with the neurological condition. 

National Secretary for the Paediatric Society of Ghana, Dr. Angela Osei Bonsu, advised the general public to avoid stigmatizing persons with Cerebral Palsy. 

Staff of KATH sensitize public on Cerebral Palsy

“Be kind to people who have children living with Cerebral Palsy. They’re already going through a lot. So, be kind and supportive.

“Also, patronise goods of parents of children living with Cerebral Palsy, so they get something to support their wards. 

“Remember to be kind to people who are different from you,” she said. 

Dr. Osei Bonsu further advised parents to report early to the hospital if their wards begin to manifest signs of Cerebral Palsy – difficulty in bodily movement and in speech. 

“If you have a child who has cerebral palsy, there are options for that child available at the hospital,” she said. 

The Paediatric Society of Ghana is an association of Paediatricians, Paediatric Nurses and Child Health advocates across the country who seek to improve the health and wellbeing of children through education, advocacy and health care delivery.