Standard Chartered Bank Ghana head office in Accra shinning red

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana’s head office building is shining red in celebration of Liverpool winning this season’s Premier League.

Liverpool were crowned English champions for the first time since 1990 on Wednesday, ending an agonizing title drought.

StanChart goes red to celebrate Liverpool
Liverpool are Premier League champions for first time in 30 years

Liverpool fans all over the world have been celebrating the historic achievement with their main sponsors, Standard Chartered Bank not left out.

The bank have joined in the celebration. In Ghana, the ash colour of their head office in Accra has been replaced with red, which is the official colour of the champions.

“Congratulations to Liverpool FC- champions of the world, Europe and now England! As the main club partner for ten years, we are proud to have witnessed this talented team grow under the management of Jürgen Klopp.

We stand red with Liverpool and fans all over the world to celebrate their success, their dedication, and this incredible moment in the Club’s history,” Head of Corporate Affairs, Brand and Marketing, Asiedua Addae said.

Standard Chartered Bank have been the main sponsor of Liverpool FC since 2010, making it the second-longest sponsorship deal in Reds’ history.

Early this year, the bank celebrated their 10 years partnershp with Liverpool.

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