I have learnt with deep regret of a number of incidents in the early part of today at Zoognaab, a suburb of Pusiga within my paramountcy, and subsequent incidents of further violence later in Bawku township resulting in loss of lives of both Kusasis and Mamprusis.

I totally condemn the action of those who carried out the shooting of the Mamprusi taxi driver at Zongnaab in the suburb of Pusiga and equally condemn the subsequent acts of violence in Bawku town resulting in the alleged death of some Kusasis. Whatever the motives, which are being investigated by the police, these actions are unfortunate and uncalled for and not sanctioned by my leadership. I therefore complete disassociate the paramountcy from this barbaric, criminal and wicked actions which have derailed the peace of Bawku.

I have directed Chief of Pusiga and the youth at Zongnaab, where the incident occurred, to cooperate fully with the security agencies to identify and arrest the perpetrators of this crime so that they are made to face the full rigours of the law.

What has happened today is not and should not be linked in any way to the supposed chieftaincy issues between Kusasis and Mamprusis and if the perpetrators are identified and discovered to be Kusasis I hereby declare my support and full cooperation to the security agencies to deal with them drastically. I promise to put my full weight behind the law enforcement agencies in identifying the perpetrators of this provocative act.

I also sincerely sympathize with the families, including gun shot victims, of the bereaved on all sides of this incident. I extend a hand of friendship to my Mamprusi brothers led by Elder Akalifa so that we can work together as brothers to restore peace back to Bawku immediately. Pursuant to this commitment I entreat all within my paramountcy, especially the youth, to be law abiding and eschew any forms of violence and criminality and to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies to arrest the perpetrators and bring the situation under control.

Let me assure the rest of the country of my commitment to ensure that Kusasis and Mamprusis find common ground as brothers to work together to bring all these needless loss of lives and insecurity to an end, restore peace to the area, weed out the criminal elements and provide a peaceful environment for development and prosperity in Bawku.


Abugrago Azoka II