The Ruling Government Must Control Its People Now.

The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) sees the issue of the creation of the 45 new constituencies by the Electoral Commission as an important one yet untimely for it to be used in the coming election in December.

This issue has generated a lot of debate in the country to the extent of breaking the bond and unity that bind us as a people of this great nation. NUGS wants to commend the Electoral Commission for rising to the occasion and responding effectively to the dictates of the 1992 Republican Constitution on the creation of new constituencies which responsibility lies on the commission’s shoulders.

However, the Union believes that it is greatly untimely and inappropriate to use these new constituencies in the coming election. NUGS also believes that, the fact that we have established institutions to work for us does not means we cannot comment on them.

Commenting on the Electoral Commission’s desire to create new constituencies by civil societies and the Minority in Parliament should be respected and seen as comments that are meant to reform the Commission since it’s not living on an Island.
NUGS is by this statement calling on;

1. The President His Excellency John Mahama Dramani to call his people who are bent on “bulldozing” their way with regards to the new constituencies through to immediate order. The Majority NDC Members in Parliament too should exercise good faith and stop their “at all cost” attitude they are attaching to the creation of the new constituencies.

2. All Ghanaians to ensure that we do not allow the current issue to break our bond as a people who just lost our father and President Prof. John