Leader of the Homeland Study Group Foundation, Charles Kudzordzi aka Papavi is calling on government to step up investigations to fish out persons behind recent attacks on state installations and personnel in the Volta region.

In a five-minute video on the group’s Facebook page, he stressed that the group has no links to the persons who carried out the attacks.

Sixty suspects have so far been arrested in the Volta Region for their alleged involvement in the attacks.

Government has revealed it will deploy more police and military personnel to the region to avert further violence and hunt down all persons involved in the destruction of property, including the burning of an STC bus.

At the dawn of Friday, September 25, some armed men raided police stations at Mepe, Aveyime and other parts of the Volta region.

The group at Mepe after hoisting a Western Togoland flag joined their colleagues at the Aveyime Police Station, seized two police vehicles, and injured an officer. 

The group who have for some time demanded independence from Ghana have named their territory as Western Togoland.

The leadership of the Western Togoland separatists later ordered the immediate exit of all Ghanaian security forces from the Volta Region.

One member of the group is reported to have died in a fire exchange with the joint security team which were deployed to restore calm.

Meanwhile, 31 people were arrested and flown to the offices of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) office in Accra for questioning into happenings in the region.

So far, the National Peace Council, influential persons and some members of the public have condemned the secessionists’ actions.

Leader of the Homeland Study Foundation, Charles Kudzordzi maintains their organisation is a peaceful one.