The Canadian National Tower or ‘CN Tower’ [553.3 meters] held the record for the world’s tallest structure for 32 years. From when it was built in 1976 until it was eclipsed by the Burj Khalifa [829.8 meters] in Dubai in 2007, it enjoyed the privilege of overlooking over the world.

Although it has lost its crown as the tallest structure still, it attracts over 1.5 million people to visit the CN Tower every year. This reminded me that there must be something special about it that attracts many visitors from around the world so after visiting Niagara Falls recently, I decided to visit the CN Tower. 

“O yes and I discovered that there are three very reasons to visit the CN Tower apart from its iconic status of course.

Stephen Armah Quaye: Why you should see the Canadian National Tower

Night owl

Originally, the CN Tower was intended to be just a transmission tower, but the designers and builders started to dream big. They added elevators, viewing platforms, restaurants, shops, activities-and made it into one of Canada’s top tourist attractions.

Simply going up to one f the viewing decks is well worth the price of admission. There are other things to do at the CN Tower, but let’s face it, riding a glass-enclosed elevator 346 meters up to the Lookouts, or 447 meters to the SkyPod, is the thing to do. It’s exciting to be that far up, way above all of Toronto’s Skyscrapers.

Both the viewing platforms give the opportunity for a 360 view of Toronto and Lake Ontario. From the higher SkyPod, you can see up to 160 kilometres on a clear day- all the way to Niagara Falls. Near the base is the Billy Shop Toronto City Airport, on Toronto Island. Watching the planes take off and landing-from way above them was my favourite thing I did.

Stephen Armah Quaye: Why you should see the Canadian National Tower


The 360 Restaurant is one of Toronto’s top fine dining options. This place has it all. Nice dining room, first-class food, professional service and the best ambience in the city. The revolving view, plus all the other amenities, make dining at the 360 Restaurant a truly special event. Celebrities ad dignitaries regularly dine here and locals come to celebrate personal occasions and holidays like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.

Stephen Armah Quaye: Why you should see the Canadian National Tower

View from the SkyPod is always superb and the Edge Walk is a truly thrilling activity, but eating dinner at the 360 Restaurant with friends or family can be the top reason to visit the CN Tower. You will meet new friends and have dinner at the 360 Restaurant just before dusk.

You can settle into your window seats and immediately feel the magic. The view of the city, 351 meters below, the attentive servers, the fresh, tasty food, and of course a lively conversation combined to make for a very special evening.

Edge walk

The edge walk is the newest attraction at the CN Tower as it is also, by far; the most spectacular. The Edge Walk will test your nerves like a few other tourist activities on the planet. It’s the highest outdoor walk in the world at 356 meters and was even given a Guinness World Book of Records Award.

 “You can feel the breeze caressing your face and blowing through your hair as you lean your body back, 1168 feet above Toronto!”

So, if you’ve got the nerve, I would say this is a must-do on your visit to the CN Tower during the months it’s open [surely from April to October when the weather is always nice]. Buy one ticket and you will have a 1.5-hour experience that includes training, a 30 minute Edge Walk, a video clip, plus access to all other CN Tower attractions.