Brigadier-General (retd) Joseph Nunoo-Mensah, National Security Adviser to the President, has warned that the country risk being destroyed if immediate measures are not taken to sanitise the politics of acrimony and divisiveness taking place in recent times.

“Let us take away politics from issues of national development and come together as one people to build the nation. If we take the peace being enjoyed in the country currently for granted, we risk destroying it and that is only when we will realise that there is no place like Ghana,” he added.

Brigadier-Gen. Nunoo-Mensah was speaking at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church National Prayer and Thanksgiving Service in Accra on Saturday.

He said as the country celebrated its 54th independence anniversary, it was important for all Ghanaians to pause and reflect on how their activities were impacting on national development.

He said it was unfortunate that many Ghanaians thought and believed Ghana was a horrible country but on the contrary, Ghana was a blessed nation and this must not be taken for granted.

He said at this period of the country’s development, it was important for people to weigh their actions, especially in the area of politics, cautioning that the country was gradually being divided along political lines.

“Now whatever is done in the country is looked at with political lenses. All our institutions have been affected to the extent that noble agencies like the military, the church and civil service have been affected. This is dangerous for our country,” General Nunoo-Mensah, a former Chief of Defence Staff, lamented.

He said the President as a sincere Christian wanted to do something for the country, but he could not do it alone. It was therefore, important for all Ghanaians to play their role efficiently.

He said what the country needed now was loyalty and discipline. “Without discipline, nothing can be done, no country can do it without discipline so let us come together and build a great nation.

“As a nation, we often make some mistakes in the past, but the time has come for us to re-examine ourselves and find out what went wrong in order to chart a new course.”

Gen. Nunoo-Mensah noted that the church had an important role to play in the process of nation building and it must ensure that it lived up to expectations at all times.

Speaking on the theme, “Arise, Act and Shine”, the President of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Ghana, Pastor Samuel Larmie, said the words were from the scriptures which must be reflected upon on daily basis.

He said what was undermining the nation was sin. “Sin is a deadly thing and the only way to save ourselves is to move away from our sins,” he said.

Pastor Larmie said since a nation was made up of individuals who came from families, things that affected people as individuals affected the society also.

He said there was the need for Ghanaians to discipline themselves in order to take out the habit that was undermining the nation.

“We need to discipline ourselves. People who call upon the Lord must be disciplined.”

He said people must strive to be faithful and this must reflect at the work place and within all fields of endeavour.

“If we undertake to solve the problems in our homes, we will be able to solve problems in the country as a whole. Honesty in our businesses, means honesty to the country,” he said.

Pastor Larmie urged politicians to come to the realisation that “we are all one people and, therefore, must ensure respect for each other.”

The Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive, Mr. Alfred Vanderpuije, reiterated the need for discipline to be restored to the capital.

He said the AMA was doing its bit to ensure discipline and sanity in the city and as part of this effort, the assembly would from April 1, start arresting and prosecuting drivers who bought things from hawkers on the streets.

He said this country had the potential to develop but it would largely depend on the level of discipline without which all efforts at developing would be in vain.

Source: Ghanaian Times/Ghana