Enrollments in Ghanaian universities are at an all-time high.

With the continuous increase in lecturer to student ratio, it will be difficult for lecturers to handle all their students and even come up with quality assessments.

What if you have a system based on Artificial Intelligence that can help you assess your students. A system that can act as a teacher or a lecturer.

This is what a Ghanaian academic, Dr. Harry Barton Essel, a senior lecturer with the Department of Educational Innovations at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has produced.

Dr. Essel, who has been teaching for nine years explains that he was looking at the “creation of multimodal presentations into an intelligent tutoring system”

The presentations combine text, graphics, videos, audio and animations, in a system that would provide immediate feedback to learners.

Students gain control over their learning, and can study at a pace that suits them best.

The application allows a degree of interactivity to be introduced through programming.

Dr. Barton Essel added additional functions, which can be used in his presentations, or in the intelligent tutoring system.

Students can now have control over their own learning with this app built by KNUST lecturer
Dr. Harry Barton Essel

It has an ability to select an answer to a question using a “drag and drop” or “click and reveal” function.

The response from students has so far been very positive.

“Those I had interaction with and those I didn’t have interaction with their performance was almost the same. It means we can use this system as a substitute for the teacher,” he was optimistic.

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