Government has been urged to support the welding and fabrication industry to enable the players to train more professional welders to curb the rising youth unemployment.

According to the Managing Director of Danest Engineering Company, Ing. Daniel Kwarkyi, there are enormous opportunities for locally trained welders to feed the local manufacturing industries, instead of relying on imported welders.

He further indicated that the institute with the help of government can produce about 2,000 welders per annum to curb the importation of foreign welders

“Welding throughout the whole world is very expensive to pursue and it is the same in Ghana. You have to buy steel, you have to buy electricity and the equipment itself, so the training is not cheap.”

“But what is done in other countries is that the authorities sponsor some in the form of grant or scholarship or even repayment. It becomes a rolling stone and within five years, we will get about 2,000 of highly qualified welders,” he noted.

Ing. Kwarkyi urged the youth to take welding as a career as there are enormous opportunities for locally trained welders.

“We are urging Ghanaian youths, especially high school graduates and beyond to take welding as a career and take up the jobs that are abundant in the industry right now.”

“When you go to the ship yards, mining, the oil and gas and other production and service companies, they are in dire need of such highly trained and qualified workers,” he added.