Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa, is asking the Bono East Regional Minister to own up and take responsibility for the decision by the Police to shoot in the youth when they clashed with them in Nkoranza on Tuesday.

He said the Minister would have gladly taken responsibility if it was a piece of good news as the head of the Regional Security Council (REGSEC).

The Security Analyst told Joy FM’s Emefa Appau on Thursday, May 19, that the Minister was present when the Police opened fire on the angry youth.

As a result, Mr Bonaa maintained that the Minister cannot absolve himself of blame.

“I am surprised the Regional Minister as head of REGSEC is denying responsibility for the chaotic scenes and the eventual additional deaths we have seen in the Bono East Region.

“If it was something positive, I doubt he would have denied responsibility.”

“He would have accepted responsibility. So I will put the blame squarely at his doorstep. He should take full responsibility because, per reports, he was there when the lethal bullet hit the young boy. So how can he say he didn’t know?”

In an interview with JoyNews on Wednesday, May 18, the Bono East Regional Minister denied knowledge of who ordered the Police to shoot and kill.

Kwasi Adu-Gyan said he was not there when the directive was given.

“I don’t know who gave the orders. I was not there when the orders were given. I had left there. Immediately the reinforcement came, I left the scene for them to take over.”

However, the Regional Minister admitted he called for the reinforcement when the youth besieged the Nkoranza Municipal Police Station.

According to him, he asked the Regional Police Command to help rescue his officers at Nkoranza.

“I called for the reinforcement. I called the Regional Commander that they should bring reinforcement to come and rescue their colleagues at the Nkoranza Police Station.”

“So immediately they came, we withdrew because we have been there for all that time, and we thought it wasn’t our work to be there.”


The Nkoranza Municipal Police Command claims that Albert Donkor was an armed robber who died in an exchange of fire with them.

However, the family has refuted the claims, saying he was picked up from home into Police custody, where he died.

His death has led to some level of disturbances in the community.

On Tuesday, May 17, the area’s youth went on a rampage and attacked the Municipal Police headquarters to demand justice for the deceased.

They freed six other suspects picked up by the Police on suspicion of being armed robbers together with the deceased.

During the rampage by the youth, one person has also been confirmed dead, whilst nine persons, including three in critical condition, are receiving treatment for gunshot wounds at the St. Theresa’s Catholic Hospital.

However, the Police have arrested two persons for their involvement in the attack.