Takoradi Polytechnic has been nominated as the Best Regional Polytechnic in Science and Education by the Europe Business Assembly (EBA).

This award means that Takoradi Polytechnic has attained “European Quality” standards and the institution will be included in the official register of leading enterprises and educational establishments by the Europe Business Assembly.

In a statement signed by the EBA International Relations Manager, Anna Gorobets, the award is in recognition of the Polytechnic’s professionalism in teaching and learning, the quality of researches, introduction and realization of international programmes as well as contributions to national educational development in 2012.

“We must admit successful work of your Polytechnic in professional, scientific and educational directions as well as high level of professionalism by its alumni in the field of work. These key factors together with stainless reputation, dynamic growth, and sustainable scientific achievements led the Socrates Committee to nominate your Polytechnic as the “Best Regional Polytechnic”, the statement said.

The statement also added that the Rector of the Polytechnic, Rev. Prof. Daniel A. Nyarko, will be presented with an award for being the ‘Best Manager of the Year’ in the science and education sphere and with a personal certificate.

The Oxford Summit of Leaders in Science and Education is an annual forum of investors, academics, university presidents and rectors from Europe and around the world.

The Summit affords the leaders the opportunity to discuss new trends in higher education, the popularization of modern educational programmes and methods, the presentation of scientific advances and emerging innovative solutions, and the extension of international cooperation in scientific and educational spheres.

This year’s Summit which will be held between 16th and 18th December, 2013 in Oxford, UK, will see leaders of the world education system deliberate on issues such as:

Modern trends in the development of higher education;
Transformation of the traditional education system and the influence of globalization.
Modern education programmes and innovative methodologies in student teaching (e.g. distance learning, ,joint/dual diplomas; life-long education)

Continued adaptation of education programmes to current demand.

Cooperation of higher educational institutions with employers through work placements and future jobs for students.

The polytechnic Council Chairman, Prof. George K. T. Oduro, has congratulated the Rector for winning the award and for his efforts in putting the Polytechnic on the global map of leading educational establishments.

The award will be given at the Oxford Summit of Leaders to be held on 17th December, 2013 in the United Kingdom.