Some residents of Tamale Central Thursday morning besieged the offices of the Volta River Authority (VRA) to protest what they describe as the rampant power outages in the area.

The residents say the frequency of the power outages is unacceptable and are demanding an explanation.

Northern regional correspondent Mahama Shaibu reported that the angry mob was worried because, according to them, their appliances constantly broke down as a result of the power cuts.

“…every day we come to report. At least if we don’t have light off at all, at least [every two days we experience it]. And when we get the light-off at about 3pm or 2pm, we get it the follow day,” a resident lamented.

“We’ve complained to them [for too long] we don’t know what is the problem,” he said.

Local officials at the authority have yet to comment on the issue.