The management of the Tamale Teaching Hospital has rejected claims by a pro-NPP group, that mismanagement by the Hospital’s CEO has led to patients being forced to purchase items such as cotton while on admission.

Addressing a news conference Monday, chairman of Young Patriots, Bashiru Baba blamed the leadership of Dr Prosper Akambon for what he calls his inability to provide patients with items covered under the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

He said the hospital has been bedevilled by several problems that are of public knowledge and questions the running of the facility. 

"Management of the Hospital has been very poor such that basic drugs and consumable needed for the day to day running of the facilty is seriously lacking. 

"Patients are asked to buy basic items such as hand gloves, stringes and all items needed for their care, which are supposed to be catered for by the National Health Insurance Scheme," he said. 

He noted that at the centre of the "mess" are the three nicknamed "the trinity" – Dr Akambon, Misbau Mohammed and Hamid Abdulai whom Baba said are running the Hospital into the ditch. 

However, the authorities of the hospital have dismissed this claim describing it as false.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the hospital, Misbau Mohammed, said no such thing is going on currently, he agreed stated that he has sighted a memo to the effect that the patients should buy their own drugs and consumable. 

"But that has been cancelled," he insisted and also dismissed claims that the authorities have been inflating prices of drungs. 

The Auditor General, Richard Quartei Quartey, in May last year cited the management of the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) for breach of the procurement law in the 2015 preliminary Audit Report.

According to him the hospital diverted more than GHC115,000 it received from the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA).

This, Mr. Quartey believed could result in a shortage of essential drugs at the facility if not effectively addressed.

But Mohammed said what happened last year was dealt with by the security agencies challenging anyone doubtful of that fact to check with the Attorney General.  


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