The recent court drama in Ghana has taken a new twist with the Chief Executive Officer of the former Ghana@50 Secretariat dragging Kofi Adams, aide to former President Rawlings to court.

Dr Charles Wereko-Brobby says he has instructed his lawyers to file a case of slander and defamation against Kofi Adams for accusing him of corruption.

Adams in an interview with Joy FM claimed to have evidence to back accusations of corruption and misappropriation of funds leveled against Wereko-Brobby and the ex-Chief of Staff Kwadwo Mpiani.

“I am convinced that there were acts of corruption; it is up to the AG to build a case and go to court,” he said.

He added he is ready to provide the Attorney General with the information she needs to prosecute the case.

His claims followed a ruling by an Accra High Court which struck out the case and discharged the two of charges of causing financial loss to the state in the organization of the Ghana@50 celebration.

The comments have angered Dr. Wereko-Brobby who has ordered his lawyers to provide Kofi Adams with the opportunity in court to produce his evidence of corruption against him (Brobby).

“It is about time that everybody in this country respect the rule of law. We have had four, five years of incessant battering, incessant accusations, incessant lies. It is about time we took steps to protect our integrity.

“If Mr. Adams has something that the Attorney General didn’t have; that the commission of enquiry couldn’t establish then it is an opportunity for him to cover himself with glory for his party and for his people and come and prove this in the court of competent jurisdiction.

“It is a notice that we must serve that people should just not sit there and talk out of the top of their heart, talk by heart, talk rubbish and we will certainly offer him the opportunity to do that which the Attorney General and all the force that was brought at the commission could not do,” Dr. Brobby told Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng on Thursday.

Asked what charges will be brought against Mr. Rawlings’ aide, Dr Wereko-Brobby said; “we shall sue him obviously for slander, defamation and offer him the opportunity to exonerate himself.”

“We must get away from this ridiculous politicisation and ridiculous attempts by people to act irresponsibly.”

“It is my reputation that is continuously being dragged into the mud and I have decided that I will not allow this. Kofi Adams is the first, anybody else who attempts to do that and I hear to my knowledge or it is brought to my attention shall also be offered the same opportunity to prove in a court of competent jurisdiction,” he warned.