Ghana Athletics Association president Francis Dodoo believes Ghana's contingent can still make it to the Olympic games in spite of the growing concerns that the Zika virus will dissuade many athletes from going to Rio.

Over the past few weeks, many athletes and fans have voiced concerns for their safety if the virus isn't under control by the time the Games start on Aug. 6.

Some athletes have even discussed the possibility of boycotting the Olympics altogether.

"People have asked me if Athletes will go and I think Yes.  Virtually every athlete in the world will go because the Olympic games is where you go and measure your currency against other athletes.

"It comes once every four years and if you don't go, you will never know if you are one of the best in the world so I think ultimately people will come.

People have taken some domestic steps unfortunately I don't think my athletes have that option so they will have to go Brazil."

"They [Team Ghana] have to cover themselves well and I think God loves us and will protect us"

The Zika virus is a mosquito-borne infection which was first identified in Africa in 1947. It has spread significantly across the world since the first reported case in Brazil in 2015.

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