Oddly Enough

Teenagers to receive sleep training in schools

Resources to teach teenagers how to get enough sleep are to be offered to schools across Scotland.

The teaching pack created by the charity Sleep Scotland is to be used as part of the curriculum for excellence.

It aims to raise awareness of the importance of sleep for young people’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

The charity said watching television and using computers and mobile phones at night can prevent teenagers getting the nine hours of sleep they need.

Sleep Scotland, which also offers a sleep counselling service, said getting enough sleep can boost academic performance and physical health.

However, going without can be linked to obesity, pupils’ failure to reach their potential height and a greater risk of depression.

A pilot scheme in secondary schools in Glasgow was launched by the charity last year as part of the development of the new resource pack for teachers.

The charity aims to educate young people about why they need a full night’s sleep and how to develop good sleeping habits.

Research cited by Sleep Scotland shows that sleep time for teenagers around the world has steadily decreased over the past 10 to 20 years.

A report by the charity said young people often believed they could make up for lack of sleep during the week by sleeping late at weekends.