Drivers and passengers who use the Suhum section of the Accra-Kumasi highway are complaining bitterly about the poor nature of the road.

The Apedwa-Suhum stretch has been under construction since 2008.

But some travelers have gotten stranded and even had to pass the night on that road after recent heavy rains.

Both drivers and passengers want authorities to do something about the road before the 2013 deadline for completion.

Some drivers at the Neoplan station here in Accra have been sharing their frustrations with Joy News.

One driver said the Apedwa-Suhum section of the road was so terrible it was a pain driving on it.

Another driver said his vehicle had been parked because he needed GHC2,500 to replace his absorbers which wore out by dint of the bumpy nature of the road.

Roads and Highways Minister, Joe Gidisu, has promised the road will be fixed by October.