Six persons have lost their lives in the just ended December 7 general election as a result of electoral violence.

The following is a breakdown of deaths, the victims, and the various constituencies and regions where these deaths occurred;

  1.  A 39-year-old driver, Tajudeen Alhassan from the Techiman South Constituency in the Bono East Region was killed.
  2. A 18-year-old electrician, Abdallah Ayaric also from Techiman South Constituency was sent to early grave.
  3. In the Northern Region, a primary four pupils, Samira Zakaria met her untimely death at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party’s office in the Savelugu Constituency. Samaria was hit by a bullet. She was described by the uncle as an excellent student who came third in the last exams before the covid break in March. She was also a hardworking girl who stayed home most times when Arabic classes or school was not in session.
  4. At the Ablekuma Central Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, Ibrahim Abass was a victim to election violence. The 30-year-old died at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital after a gunshot wound.
  5. A 15- year-old, Rita Otoo, from the Odododiodoo Constituency at Accra was also shot and killed during a violence that flared up in the Constituency leaving her parents traumatized.
  6. Emmanuel Dompreh from the Odododiodoo constituency.

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