The reloaded edition of the Village Minds Productions’ The Barber and the Apprentice is set to hit the stage of Alliance Francaise in what will be an upgrade to the first show that took place late last year.

The play is written by Nii Ayi Solomon. In the past, he has written and produced plays such as The Love of Mamavi and Homeless; all of which were directed by Woelinam Kurt Dziewornu-Norvor and Cygishmel Cherub.

Village Minds Production has served its audience with authentic theatre content which leaves them laughing all the way home, provoking their consciousness over an issue or two.

This particular production takes place in the Barbershop of Agbedefu.

The play lays bare issues akin to daily life such as the corruption of politicians and that of citizens as they attempt to jump queues, bribe their way through and what have you …

Kwamena’s gossip lifestyle, Borga Boakye’s (the globe trotter’s) lifestyle and yes, the overbearing relationships landlords have with their tenants.

The antics of Agbedefu and his apprentice, Attah Ayi will leave you asking for more.

 There is always something to make you laugh and marvel at what exactly happens in Barbershops in and around us. Join Village Minds Production on May 5, 2018, at 7:00 pm for another theatrical journey of fun, laughter, wonder and edutainment.

The play is directed by Cygishmel Da’Cherub and Woelinam Kurt Dziewornu-Norvor. It is powered by Blaqsheep Multimedia & Rose Fabrics GH and supported by Authentic Media.